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Client References

Our company, which was incorporated in 1993, has worked on a contract basis or as a representative office for many export promotion organizations including:


"We have used many consultants over the years, AWS is one of the best."
- Jean-Christophe Anton, Laboratoires Schwartz

"Bruce Morgan Associates, Inc., has benefited from the help of American World Services (AWS) for many years, particularly in marketing research for the Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), now the largest company in the Middle East. AWS's research and support for their business promotion, from a difficult developing-country region, has been invaluable to us and to SABIC."
- Bruce Morgan, Bruce Morgan Associates

"The Strasbourg CCI has been very pleased to work in cooperation with AWS to help Alsatian companies find marketing partners in the USA. We have found them to be results-oriented and responsive to our clients needs. Moreover, AWS has a good understanding of the way in which French managers think, which allows AWS to assist French companies in their prospection towards the US market."
- Olivier Epp, Strasbourg Chamber of Commerce