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Investment Promotion


The impressive results that we have been able to deliver time and time again is due to an effective methodology and system that we have developed and honed over the years. This system utilizes three main components, including:

Systematic Research - Systematic and in-depth research precedes every investment project that we undertake. This research begins at the industry level and provides the necessary understanding of existing industry trends, thereby allowing us to construct profiles of well-targeted companies – companies who have the highest possible propensity to be investing internationally. We then complete additional research to develop a list of welltargeted companies that fit the profiles developed. The research completed in this initial phase is an integral part of the success of the project and can take weeks and even months to complete depending on the scope of the project.

Direct Marketing - The research phase is followed by a pro-active and determined direct marketing effort. During this phase, we establish contact with each individual company’s decision maker. In a conversation with this individual, we discuss the company’s expansion plans and international activities and present our client’s region as a current or future investment destination. All of our direct marketing activities are completed in-house by individuals who are trained and able to discuss international business activities with high-level executives. We never use outside telemarketing organizations to complete this work.

Meetings and Visits - For companies who are currently expanding internationally, we set-up meetings at the US offices of the company for the client or coordinate a visit to the client’s region by the US company. These meetings and visits are developed in conjunction with the client and conform to each client’s objectives and budget.